White Paper

Complex Chain, Smart Security: How to Protect the Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

global pharma supply chain

Your security strategy isn’t simple anymore, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be smart. As the industry has grown and changed, the pharmaceutical supply chain has become more global, introducing new vulnerabilities at each and every stage.

These potential security breaches allow a variety of dangers to potentially leak in, compromising product integrity and threatening public health and safety. Raw materials, active and inactive ingredients, packaging and products face threats both upstream and down, from global sourcing and manufacturing all the way through distribution to dispensing.

Your most pressing challenge is to locate these potential cracks in your supply chain, and design and execute a sound strategy that can help prevent damaging incidents rather than simply reacting to them. As industry leaders responsible for ensuring public health and safety, as well as protecting brand reputation, security directors must rise to the challenge of safeguarding the supply chain from start to finish. To do this, you must act as advocates for safety measures and product integrity within the pharmaceutical industry, helping to integrate security and operations for optimum efficiency.