News | September 14, 2023

Cobra Safety Redefines Workplace Safety With Emphasis On Sustainability

Cobra Safety, known internationally for its commitment to protecting people, property, and the planet, has launched workplace programs that prioritize both safety and the environment. The BIPOC-owned, women-led company is helping progressive organizations around the world to advance transformative change in occupational health, safety, and sustainability.

Cobra Safety was founded by Nisa Karan-Aravinth, a woman of color who has held several leadership positions in the Health and Safety field. Most recently, prior to founding Cobra Safety, Nisa was the Director of Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness at a world-renowned hospital in Ontario, Canada. As a registered nurse, Nisa's passion for person-centered care informed her everyday practice. The pivot to Cobra Safety stemmed from her deep desire to help companies provide better work environments for employees.

Nisa explains that the average worker spends almost one-third of their lifetime, or nearly 90,000 hours, at work. "Clearly, the workplace is a great spot to focus health, wellness, and safety initiatives," she says. "Not only does this support the business, as a happy and healthy employee is a productive one, but it also supports our healthcare systems. If health is addressed upstream where people live, work, and play, it will help in offloading downstream, like at hospitals."

She also believed that while the traditional definition of Occupational Health and Safety would always remain relevant, it had the ability to impact not only workers but also Earth. There was a real need to create programs that would introduce sustainability into businesses so that ultimately, success would be more than just profit - the measure of success would be the "triple bottom line", in other words, people, profit, and the planet.

"The lens had always been on safety, risk, and regulatory compliance, which are still important," Nisa says. "However, with the disruptive impact of climate change on our lives and communities, I could see the connection between the safety of employees, businesses, and the state of our planet. At Cobra Safety, we decided to redefine what a safe workplace looks like in the 21st century and include sustainability in our services."

Nisa is joined in her mission by Domonique Quirion-Currie, Head of External Engagements and Strategic Partnerships, and Subanya Karan, Vice President, Project Management and Delivery. Both believe so passionately in occupational health, safety, and sustainability that they jumped at the opportunity to join Cobra Safety's mission.

Dominique explains that while society can appear safe, there are actually thousands of potential dangers everywhere. Watching her grandparents go to work at high-risk factories, she was profoundly grateful that due to proper workplace safety procedures, they came home safe each evening.

"We understand that without safety, communities cannot thrive," Dominique says. "As our planet changes because of global warming, it is imperative that a workplace address all aspects of safety, including sustainability. We all want our loved ones to return home from work to us every day, which starts with having the right programs and procedures in place."

Subanya, who is the daughter of war refugees, has seen first-hand the occupational risks that some people encounter when forced to take jobs that have lower barriers to entry.

"My parents were like many immigrants to Canada and elsewhere: because of language issues, they did not understand their rights to safety and had to work in dangerous conditions," she recalls. "It is why I am determined to help Cobra Safety accomplish its mission. We want businesses to prioritize health and safety so that every employee, wherever they may work, will go home safely."

Cobra Safety focuses on five core streams, including training, consulting, advisory, and professional staffing as well as sustainability and net zero, which are incorporated into its business model. The company donates a portion of its proceeds to carbon removal initiatives.

"We support multiple environmental organizations in Canada and abroad," says Nisa. "In doing so, we hope to give back to the planet and ultimately contribute to safer working conditions at organizations. Remember: our greatest assets are not only people and property but the world we live in. At Cobra Safety, we believe 100% that a safe workplace is tied to a healthy world and vice versa. By combining occupational health and safety with sustainability, we can create a better world for employees and future generations."

Source: Cobra Safety