News | June 26, 2020

CobbleStone's Digital Signatures Help With Secure, Compliant Signing

CobbleStone Software is excited to introduce digital signatures integrated with electronic signatures for a secure, rapid, compliant, and user-friendly signing process.

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) - CobbleStone Software, a leader in contract management and eProcurement software, is excited to introduce digital signatures integrated with electronic signatures for a secure, rapid, compliant, and user-friendly signing process.

CobbleStone’s digital signature software can help organizations to maintain compliance and abide by regulations while providing a more secure signing process that certifies document integrity. Digital signatures with CobbleStone are now offered as an option with their proprietary electronic signing tool, IntelliSignâ„ .

CobbleStone’s digital signatures are legally binding and include certificate-based digital confirmation. They are eIDAS supported and can help organizations to adhere to various industry and regional regulations. Signing encryption and timestamps, proof of document integrity, and audit trails provide signing legitimacy and transparency.

“CobbleStone’s digital signatures improve, secure, and simplify the way our users sign contracts. An everchanging landscape of signatures that involves increased security threats and more regulations require organizations of many different types and sizes to leverage a signature solution that equips them for current and future processes. CobbleStone is the modern solution that organizations need. With this groundbreaking feature, we remain pioneers in the industry by equipping CobbleStone users with improved usability, visibility, and control over their integrated, easy-to-use, and flexible contract management, sourcing, and procurement software platform.” - Bradford Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing at CobbleStone Software

CobbleStone contract management software users can take advantage of integrated digital signatures and electronic signatures for streamlined oversight over a secure, regulated, certified, easy-to-implement, and legally binding signing process by contacting CobbleStone for a free demo and pricing information at

CobbleStone Software has been a leader in providing enterprise contract management, vendor management, and eSourcing software solutions for over 20 years and is trusted by thousands of users. CobbleStone’s contract management solutions provide contract and vendor tracking, configurable email alerts, calendar notifications, contract workflow management, contract writing, robust security options, authoring of contract templates with dynamic clauses, revenue/cost management, full-text indexing and searching, vendor/client ratings, document version control, custom reports, electronic signatures, smarter contracts with artificial intelligence and machine learning, and more.

To learn more about Contract Insight®, contact the CobbleStone Team at or call 866-330-0056.

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