Clinical Trial Packaging Services

Clinical Trial Packaging Services

At PCI we combine knowledge, experience, and innovative technologies to provide our customers packaging services that ensure safety and reliability throughout.

Our primary packaging systems meet the specific needs of each product and compound, including specialized environments for humidity, light, and oxygen sensitivities.

Secondary packaging features cutting edge technologies that provide a flexible solution in efficiently bringing study materials to patients. Utlizing our in-house expertise in package design and development we work with clients to ensure pack designs meet the needs of all stakeholders. In addition we offer a comprehensive service for speciality product packaging.

Our packaging systems provide flexible solutions for each application and project scope, including manual, semi-automated, and fully automated technologies.

On-line inspection systems ensure product safety and maintain trial supply integrity. The versatility of equipment platforms offers technological solutions for each trial, regardless of scale.

We maintain best-in-class equipment for reliable and effective packaging for each and every product. Ultra-modern packaging environments accommodate product needs for light and oxygen sensitivity, temperature controls supporting cold chain management, and low-humidity conditions.

In-house tooling fabrication

PCI offers design and development services including the on-site fabrication of customer specific tooling and change parts, providing flexibility and speed to critical study timelines. In-house development services minimize risk, optimize project timing, and reduce costs.