News | January 23, 2020

Clear Advantage Orthodontics Provides Modern Teeth Straightening Treatment Solutions

Clear Advantage Orthodontics is a futuristic dental facility that is conveniently located in Vancouver and seeks to serve families in the region by utilizing the latest treatment techniques. Headed by Dr. Cziraki, an ABO-certified orthodontist, the team at the facility has vast expertise handling all dental concerns. Clear Advantage Orthodontics offers more than seasoned professionals to their clients but a comfortable and relaxing environment that will exceed their expectations.

Speaking about the types of braces available for their patients, the clinic's spokesperson commented, "When it comes to teeth straightening, the use of braces is the most popular treatment option for many people. As a facility that handles lots of issues that necessitate the use of braces, we offer different types of braces to suit your demands. The options that we avail include; the traditional metal braces, lingual braces, ceramic braces, clear aligners, and self-ligating braces. Before settling for any option, we engage you in the suitability of each solution and tailor the treatment to match your demands."

Dr. Cziraki has since the year 1999, treated more than 1,500 patients using Invisalign treatment, which is an innovative biomechanical technique for teeth alignment. It is, therefore, not surprising that Clear Advantage Orthodontics has been ranked as the leading facility for Invisalign in Vancouver BC. The facility employs a system of 3D imaging technology to create a series of customized clear aligners that are replaced every two weeks. Clear Advantage Orthodontics has this procedure carefully monitored by Dr. Cziraki, who has the professional know-how to guarantee successful results.

Talking about the go-for option between permanent and removable aligners, the clinic's spokesperson said, "It is exciting to have those braces removed finally, but there is always the challenge of which retainer to settle on. On the one hand are permanent retainers that are meant to be put on once and left in place for the long-term. On the other hand, are removable retainers that are to be put on at night and removed in the morning. Overly, the permanent retainers are suitable for individuals who do not want to constantly worry about having to wear their removable retainers. Nonetheless, our dentists will guide you into making the right choices depending on the factors at hand."

Despite braces being effective teeth straightening solutions, many patients always prefer a quicker treatment solution. Clear Advantage Orthodontics understands this and has been providing the best Aura orthodontics. This is a safe and comfortable solution for patients looking for accelerated tooth movement that will shorten the conventional orthodontic treatment period. Clear Advantage Orthodontics approves the procedure for patients of all ages with patients who do not want to sacrifice on aesthetics. However, the professionals require patients to strictly use the hands-free appliance for 20 minutes each day.

Source: Clear Advantage Orthodontics