News | April 1, 2020

Clean Water Sector Encouraged By Commitment To Clean Water Infrastructure Investment In Next Stimulus Package

Statement from NACWA CEO Highlights Potential Boost to Economy from Clean Water Investment

This morning, Speaker Pelosi was joined by Representatives Frank Pallone, James Clyburn and Peter DeFazio to outline priorities around the next COVID-19 stimulus package. President Trump and Speaker Pelosi have both signaled a bipartisan interest in focusing on infrastructure investment, including clean water, in this package.

Adam Krantz, NACWA’s Chief Executive Officer, issued the following statement:
“America’s public clean water sector appreciates the bipartisan focus President Trump and Speaker Pelosi have placed on infrastructure investment to help the Nation recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially investment in water infrastructure. The Nation’s public clean water utilities have tens of billions of dollars of construction projects in the pipeline that could employee thousands of Americans, and we look forward to working with the Administration and Congress to help craft a stimulus and recovery package that will help get Americans back to work and stimulate the economy.

“NACWA urges Congress to provide immediate financial assistance to help public clean water utilities ensure all households retain vital public health access to water and wastewater during the pandemic and address utility revenue losses from COVID-19 economic impacts – vital issues that were left out of the third stimulus package. NAWCA further urges Congress to include water and wastewater infrastructure as a core part of the next phase of stimulus assistance to help Americans get back to work and to provide a much-needed boost to the Nation’s economy.”

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Source: The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA)