Case Study

Cintas Increase Their Scanning Capacity To 500 Million Images Per Year

Source: ibml

Cintas Document Management is a specialist provider of integrated document management solutions, including archiving, scanning and digitisation and secure document shredding. With 10 sites across the UK and employing over 300 members of staff, Cintas is one of the UK’s leading document management providers. Their clients include NHS trusts, law firms, airlines, engineering firms and government agencies.

The need for capture capacity

Cintas’ success over recent years brought with it an ever increasing need for scanning capacity, tighter SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and quality demands. They used this significant growth in business as an opportunity to look at how advanced capture technologies could help them not only keep pace with their ever increasing client base, but enhance the service they were able to offer.

As part of this scanning technology review, Cintas evaluated available technology with a focus on achieving the following primary goals:

  • Increased volume capacity without increasing labour costs
  • Improved flexibility of paper handling to enable a broader range of application capture
  • The use of in-line scanner intelligence to reduce business rules based preparation
  • Advanced image enhancement to ensure the highest quality images
  • A significant overall reduction in the cost per image captured

To read more about the solution chosen by Cintas, download this case study below.