White Paper

Channel Sales Are Like A 3-RING CIRCUS!


Here’s how to shine the spotlight into your ring, reduce the distractions, engage channel sales reps one on one and drive more revenue!

You invest in indirect sales reps to grow revenue and expand your brand’s reach, but are you getting the attention you need from the reps to achieve these things? The outside influences on any one sales rep are overwhelming and varied. So many vendors are vying for their attention, it becomes like a 3-ring circus. Some vendors throw money at them, some try to be the loudest with their marketing, some simply do nothing and hope for the best. None of these responses try to engage the sales rep one on one. But it all really comes down to personal engagement – shining the spotlight on your ring in the circus to reap the highest sales.

And the stakes are high! More than 60% of companies say channel partners contribute to their overall revenue. 2 What does this mean to you? You’re not the only company that’s relying on channel partner reps to succeed. Staying in the spotlight of this great, big circus and top of mind is the only answer. When you put the right program, processes and technology in place to support channel success, the results will amaze you...