Article | November 14, 2017

Change Management: Can You Afford To Do Nothing?

Source: OPEX Corporation
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One of the biggest obstacles to deploying new technology isn’t a technical problem at all, but rather, it is an organizational one – change management.

As we’ve seen time and again in talking with our own customers, resistance to deploying a new automated document scanning solution has less to do with the technology (the benefits are pretty clear once they see the equipment in action) and more to do with the daunting task of managing change. The problem, real or perceived, stems from needing to change business processes, and retrain employees.  The idea that nearly every step of your existing workflow could be fundamentally different once the new system goes live can be overwhelming.

This is perfectly understandable – change is difficult. It is always easier to do nothing.  You may decide to upgrade your hardware but retain your current processes.  Your existing processes do work (in their own way), or else you wouldn’t still be in business.