Case Study

Chace Building Supply Simplifies Mileage Tracking, Boosts Customer Service

Telematics In Trucking

Chace Building Supply company relies on NexTraq’s easy-to-use reporting tools to track vehicle mileage and meet IFTA regulations.


Chace Building Supply is a retail lumberyard based in the upper northeast corner of Connecticut, bordering Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Since it delivers building supplies in three states, Chace needed a better way to manage the miles its delivery trucks logged in each state for federal IFTA (International Fuels Tax Agreement for Motor Carriers) reporting. The company also wanted to offer better customer support by being able to provide customers a more accurate arrival time for their material delivery. To deliver the latter, Chace needed to know where its vehicles were at all times. High reliability of the solution was key.

Chace was using an incumbent fleet tracking provider, but was disappointed with the reliability of the solution. Trucks would frequently not register, leaving Chace’s operations manager blind to their location, status, and arrival/departure times. The incumbent provider’s technical support also was frustrating and did not meet Chace’s expectations.


When the contract expired with its former fleet management provider, Chace investigated several GPS fleet tracking solutions, and selected the NexTraq Fleet Management solution. The company was especially interested in NexTraq’s easy-to-use reports to track mileage for IFTA reporting, as well as monitoring driver behavior to ensure its drivers were not engaging in poor behavior such as speeding, idling and hard braking.

NexTraq prides itself on offering a fleet management system that’s not only reliable, but is also easy to use, from installation to day-to-day usage. The cloud-based system is designed to keep vehicle fleets operating at peak efficiency, allowing companies to get more done every day. This improved efficiency throughout every business process helps companies grow revenue and decrease costs.


Chace Building Supply serves customers across a three-state area, making deliveries within 25-30 miles of its Woodstock, Conn., location. A key requirement for a fleet tracking solution was the ability to accurately and automatically track mileage in each state to comply with IFTA regulations. NexTraq’s numerous fuel reports includes a Fuel Purchase Report and IFTA Fuel Tax Report, allowing Chace insight into all of its fuel expenses.

“NexTraq makes it easy for me to see that a truck drove this many miles in Rhode Island, this many in Massachusetts and so on,” said Jim Gaudreau, operation manager for Chace Building Supply. “The reports give us the information we need, and it’s very easy for us to do that level of reporting instead of manual tracking. Because the NexTraq solution is so reliable, we’re able to report with a great level of accuracy.”

Chace has also been able to take advantage of NexTraq’s real-time reports to track driver behavior. Real-time alerts point out bad behavior immediately, helping Chace eliminate inefficient fuel practices such as excessive speeding and idling.  “We can easily pull reports to tell if a driver is leaving the truck idling, and that helps with fuel savings,” Gaudreau said.

Additional benefits include efficient routing, allowing Chace to save on fuel spend and consumption, and vehicle maintenance tracking to ensure scheduled maintenance is being performed regularly.

But perhaps the biggest benefit for Chace is NexTraq’s prompt customer service. “When I was looking for a replacement to our system, my first concern was customer service,” Gaudreau said. “From the first call I made to NexTraq down to installation and set-up, every step went smoothly. NexTraq customer service is terrific and I know that if something happens they will be responsive and get things fixed quickly.”