Case Study

Centrifugal Sifters Ideal For Quality Control Of Incoming Food Materials

By Lisa Thomas

Kemutec KEK Sifters

Kemutec KEK Centrifugal Sifters are globally used and well-known for aiding the quality control of incoming food material, for processing. This view was reflected by Manor Bakeries and Carlton in Barnsley UK, through their installation of KEK Sifters, for the company’s range of organic cakes.

Each Sifter was supplied complete with its own KEK sack tip unit and screw elevator, for ease of operation. Manor Bakeries already had KEK Centrifugal Sifters on site and therefore were aware of their benefits. Project Engineer, Dennis Herbert, commented at the time, “the choice of additional KEK Sifters were influenced by operator preference”.

Manor Bakeries is one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of cakes and Carlton, a substantial cake bakery in the UK. At Manor, they produce a wide range of ambient cake products including Jam Tarts, Swiss Rolls and Battenberg varieties, marketed under the Mr Kipling, Cadbury’s and Lyons brands.

The need for the new Sifters arose through the Manor Bakeries move into the organic cake market where strict, guidelines guarantee the source of the ingredients and prevent contamination by non-organic ingredients. Manor decided the easiest way to meet future demand and avoid contamination, was to have storage facilities and production lines dedicated to organic products.

The Kemutec KEK Sifters, screen incoming flour and other ingredients to remove any hard agglomerates formed during storage. The KEK Sifters supplied to Manor Bakeries are Kemutec, a brand of the Schenck Process Group.

They featured the latest cantilevered design, allowing simple cleaning and maximum hygiene levels to be achieved. As Production Supervisor, Mr Tam Cooper confirmed that the KEK, “cantilevered design sifters are much easier and quicker to clean”.

As part of the quality control process, flour and other ingredients are unloaded into the sack tip cabinet of the elevator, from 25kg sacks positioned by a suction lift device.

The bags are split over a grill. Product drops into the hopper below and is then screw conveyed into the Sifter.

Sifted material is then discharged directly into the lidded wheeled tubs within collection booth directly below the Sifter outlet. Any agglomerates etc therefore separated and not processed.


  • Hygienic design
  • Simple to clean
  • Maintains ingredient quality control
  • Simple to operate
  • trusted brand

For more information about this or other applications relating to KEK Centrifugal Sifters, or for details about the wider Kemutec food handling/size-reduction equipment, visit

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