Case Study

Cartridge Dust Collector For Sandblasting


A company specializing in onsite sandblasting chose a Tri-flow cartridge dust collector for its high efficiency (99.99%+) on particles that range from submicron to 5+ microns.

Tri-Flow units are mounted on semi-trailers and taken to sites where bridge repair and other infrastructure programs are underway.

The three 4000 cfm Tri-Flow units each use Tri-Max PTFE filter cartridges, which have proved ideal for the collection of lead-based paint. Other media options are detailed here.

Tri-Flow is ideally suited to the efficient collection of particulate from sandblasting operations, particularly those where it is necessary to contain lead waste and comply with environmental regulations. It delivers performance virtually identical to a HEPA filter, and has proven to be a superior alternative to conventional cartridge, bag, and pocket filters.