Case Study

Case Study: Cangene Converts To Corporate-Wide, Automated Training Management System

Cangene operates in the fiercely competitive and highly regulated biopharmaceutical industry. A highly educated, skilled and productive workforce is crucial to an organization's success. Until recently, the company relied on a paper-based system to track and report training completion for its employees. To enhance its training management system and support timely and e cient compliance with regulatory requirements, Cangene sought a centralized system that was reportable, trackable and auditable, and which enabled employees to manage completion of their training.

After an extensive evaluation process, Cangene selected TrackWise Training Manager™ from Sparta Systems as the system that would assign training requirements, provide a dashboard to employees and managers for monitoring progress, and provide validated reporting of training.

Cangene installed TrackWise Training Manager at its Winnipeg headquarters for use at its Canadian locations. Implementation at its U.S. operations is planned for later this year and will provide Cangene with a centralized view of its entire operation.