News | January 5, 2018

C/D/H Partners With Valo Intranet To Provide Award-Winning Intranet Solution In Michigan

Detroit, MI /PRNewswire/ - Michigan IT consultancy C/D/H has announced that it is partnering with Valo Intranet to provide its pioneering Intranet platform to clients throughout Michigan and the Midwest.

Widely deployed throughout Europe, Valo's SharePoint-based Intranet platform is only now beginning to be deployed in the United States. Rapid European growth and an abundance of substantial awards, including coveted Microsoft "Partner of the Year" honors and "Best Intranet/Extranet" recognition for two years in a row, have led the Nordic firm to tackle the competitive U.S. market.

"It's a great move for us because of the benefits it provides for our clients," says Jack LaPan, C/D/H's Director of Products. "This is a versatile, powerful, user-centered system that expands capabilities, shortens deployment times, and is incredibly cost-effective. Valo lets us deploy a working system in a couple of weeks, rather than a matter of months, while delivering all of the functions that most companies want and need."

Valo emphasizes the system's suitability for modern mobile-enabled workforces. The Valo system is mobile-friendly, functioning well across devices, operating systems and platforms to facilitate communication and collaboration for broadly-dispersed teams as well as internal employees.

LaPan cites the Valo platform's flexibility, customizability and reliability as key advantages for clients seeking cost-effective Intranet solutions without the need for extensive – and expensive – custom SharePoint development. "The Valo system takes all the custom applications or web parts that companies usually have to develop for themselves and provides them as part of one compatible, integrated system," he explains. "You don't have to spend the time or money to create these functions, and because everything's built through SharePoint, nothing breaks when Microsoft issues an update."

LaPan notes that the Valo system is well suited to companies that want a highly customized, branded communications hub, but who also want to deploy it quickly. "We can get companies started with a system they can use now, without spending weeks or months planning out their Intranet," he says. "We can have a system up within a couple of weeks, and companies can scale up or add features if they are necessary. Really, the sky's the limit."

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