News | June 21, 2016

Bull Valley Software's New IdentiFile™ Technology Transforms Document Management Software In The K-12 Education World

New IdentiFile™ functionality takes all of the work out of bursting and filing report cards, transcripts, assessment reports, or any mass-produced documents. Metadata can be read from the document or pulled from the school's SIS to file documents without any human intervention.

Crystal Lake, IL (PRWEB) - Bull Valley Software, a leading developer of document management solutions (DMS) in the K-12 education vertical, announced the release of its new IdentiFile™ module – a module that, when paired with its flagship product, DocumentLOK™, promises to automate the bursting and filing of mass-produced documents such as report cards, assessment reports, transcripts, and more.

The IdentiFile™ module is comprised of two sub-modules. First, the IdentiFile™ Burst-and-File Designer (IdentiFile™ BFD) allows the user to design a template which defines what elements are going to be used as metadata for indexing purposes, where to find this metadata, and how it will be used. Second, the IdentiFile™ Burst-and-File Filer (IdentiFile™ BFF) executes the process, accessing the metadata as defined in the IdentiFile™ BFD module, bursting the documents, assigning the necessary attributes and indexing criteria, and then filing each document into the proper student file within DocumentLOK™ – all without human intervention.

According to Paul Fotis, Vice President of Business Development & VAR Channel Manager for Bull Valley Software, “This feature set is going to transform the document management landscape – removing one of school administrators’ biggest pain points by completely automating the process.” Fotis adds, “Up until now, many schools still kept physical copies of mass-produced documents like transcripts or report cards, even if they had a document management system.” He continues, “Think about it. You’re an average sized school district with 4,500 students. You print 4,500 report cards four times a year. Do you really want to manually separate, then individually scan, index, and file 18,000 report cards each and every year?” Fotis concludes, “Now, with IdentiFile™, the entire process of generating, bursting, indexing, and filing mass-produced documents like report cards and transcripts can be reduced to just a few mouse clicks. It is amazing.”

To learn more about their new IdentiFile™ technology, contact Bull Valley Software by phone at 815-788-1888, by email at SalesAdmin(at)BullValleySoftware(dot)com or online at

About Bull Valley Software, Inc.:
Bull Valley Software, Inc. is a premier provider of automated capture and document management solutions to the K-12 education vertical. Bull Valley Software is an ISV Partner with PowerSchool, and DocumentLOK™ integrates with virtually any other Windows® or web-based application that a district may use, thus maximizing a district’s existing technology assets and providing immediate, single-click access to all of their documents and electronic content from within their SIS or other application(s). DocumentLOK™ combines secure document and content management, compliance management, and Business Process Management (BPM) in one application, delivering the power and flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory and technological landscape of today’s global information environment.


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