News | January 4, 2018

Bristol Instruments Introduces New Quick Align Probe For Non-Contact Thickness Measurement

Bristol Instruments, Inc., the leader in optical interferometer-based instrumentation, has announced the introduction of its QA—“Quick-Align”—optical probe. This new probe, used in combination with Bristol’s 137 and 157 Optical Thickness Gauge products, offers the advantage of a unique alignment aid to ensure the reliable accuracy and exceptional repeatability needed for the most demanding thickness measurement applications.

The QA probe includes a built-in camera that provides an on-screen target to help minimize the time required for alignment and set-up. The camera displays the location of the optical signal reflected from the material under test. The alignment of the probe is adjusted to position the optical signal on the target. This results in a measurement accuracy of ± 0.1 μm with the 157 Optical Thickness Gauge, and ± 1 μm with the lower-cost 137 Optical Thickness Gauge.

“The new QA optical probe makes thickness measurement especially user-friendly,” said Dr. Brian Samoriski, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Bristol Instruments. “By simplifying the alignment process, our customers will be able to quickly and confidently get the most reliable thickness measurement results, making it ideal for production environments.

SOURCE: Bristol Instruments, Inc.