Case Study

Bertucci's Proactively Secures Its Point Of Sale Systems And Corporate Computers With Bit9 Whitelisting And Device Control

Bertucci’s has become a beloved destination for Italian food since its formation in 1981.With more than 2,000 employees in over 90 restaurants, managing unauthorized software downloads on their growing computer systems became a daunting task. Unsupported and unauthorized software and music downloads by employees with iPods and other external devices created potential licensing and security risks. Bertucci’s chose Bit9 Parity to secure its point-of-sale and corporate computer systems and to demonstrate PCI DSS compliance.

The Challenge

Bertucci’s had more than 250 point of sale machines and corporate PCs and laptops that needed to be protected from unauthorized software—whether it was known or unknown malware or software like iTunes that could create licensing issues with employees sharing music. The restaurant chain also needed to be sure that sensitive data was not leaked via USB removable drives and that malware or keyloggers were not introduced through a removable USB storage device.

On the point-of-sale side, Bertucci’s needed to protect its customers’ credit card information. The company had to be sure that any malicious software, viruses,Trojans, targeted attacks or zero-day threats would not threaten or leak sensitive customer data.

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