Case Study

Case Study: Bergelectric Leverages Kofax Solution To Automate More Than 165,000 Invoices Annually

Source: Kofax

Kofax Platform Enables National Electrical Contracting Company to Reduce Overall Department Costs by Approximately 40 Percent

Each month Bergelectric receives and processes between 12,000 and 14,000 invoices that arrive from customers, sub-contractors, vendors, and a dozen regional office locations across the country. The company needed a solution to automate and streamline its accounts payable system, which was based on paper centric, staff intensive manual processing that was costly and prone to error.

At any given time, the company manages approximately 700 individual projects originating from multiple locations. Large purchase orders for supplies – such as conduits, cable and wire – are sent in by field representatives and need to be fulfilled promptly and accurately to ensure timely delivery of critical raw materials as well as to maintain vendor relationships. As an added challenge, about half of all the incoming invoices required a duplicate copy to be sent for approval, creating an even larger paper volume.

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