Case Study

Baguette Manufacturer Installs Combination Checkweigher And Metal Detection System For QA


More than 200 million frozen baked goods leave the M-Back site every year. At the Gebesee production facility in central Germany, METTLER TOLEDO provides the production inspection technology of choice. All of their produce meets the highest requirements in terms of quality and food safety.

Using the most innovative system technologies and gentle production processes, the high-quality baked goods are produced according to tried-and-tested, traditional methods. The number of baguettes produced reaches a daily total of around 800,000. M-Back ensures that every single product undergoes a reliable quality assurance process.

Quality inspection of up to 160 products/minute, thanks to  the XS3 CC

Five XS3 CC combination solutions, comprising a checkweigher and a metal detector, check the products to ensure that they are the correct weight and free from any metal contaminants, in just one process step. Non-compliant products are rejected here, into two different categories; underweight/overweight products and those which have been contaminated by metal. Rejected products containing metal foreign particles are collected in a lockable catch bin used specially for this purpose. This ensures that only those persons authorised to empty the bins do so.

The ongoing product flow is monitored using a light barrier as a countercheck in the "good path". This checks whether the products were successfully rejected; specifically, ensuring that none of the products which need to be removed remain on the conveyor belt. If a non-compliant product is detected, the XS3 CC CombiChecker immediately brings the belt to a stop. 

Consumer and brand protection

The CombiChecker XS3 CC can perform numerous tasks at once, such as inspecting all products, protecting consumers and ensuring M-Back's excellent brand reputation. The proven combination system consisting of checkweigher and metal detector functions as a Critical Control Point in M-Back's HACCP concept and supports the company in fulfilling high standards, such as the IFS food safety standard, as part of the GFSI initiative. 

METTLER TOLEDO ICS469-40 checkweighing system for final inspection

In line with the product's claim and to ensure that a baguette bundle is complete, the baguettes are packed in boxes which are then checked for the correct overall weight. A particularly space-saving custom build, the ICS469-40, supports M-Back during this process step. With its unique design, the ICS469-40 consists of just one conveyor belt which can handle various functions simultaneously. As such, products are sorted directly on the weighing conveyor, which is also designed as a roller conveyor. This means that the infeed and outfeed conveyor are now a thing of the past.

The METTLER TOLEDO technical solutions thoroughly impressed everyone at M-Back in day-today use along the entire line. The space-saving and compact design of the XS3 CC CombiChecker as well as the specially constructed ICS469-40 proved particularly popular. "Furthermore, we value how easy the checkweigher is to operate, as approximately 45 of our 210 employees use the system on a daily basis", comments Production Manager Stephan Neb. 

METTLER TOLEDO offers a full range of inline product inspection solutions, including checkweighers, metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems and visual inspection technology.

Tailor-made solution with sorting right on the weighing conveyor