Backup Operations Monitoring & Reporting

Bocada, Inc.

Rule your backups! As data volumes increase, so does backup complexity—especially with a mix of cloud and on-premises multi-tenant infrastructures. Bocada automatically unifies all your backup data into a single console for total visibility and control, saving you time and money.

Time-saving backup reports and alerts

Bocada automates ready-made backup performance, chargeback, and SLA reports, saving countless hours each month by eliminating the need to manually compile, format, and email them. And, with alerting and ticketing, you can fix problems before they tarnish your reports.

Built for multi-tenant, complex environments

Wherever your backup data lives—in the cloud or on premises, in a single data center or spread across the globe—Bocada unifies reporting and monitoring. Say goodbye to tedious manual data collection and focus more on streamlined oversight.

Total performance visibility

See exactly how real-time backups are performing to stay ahead of data risk or SLA compliance challenges. Capture virtually unlimited amounts of historical backup data so you can track trends and meet auditor and regulatory compliance requirements. With Bocada, you always have the data you need at your fingertips.