Case Study

3B Apps Chooses Star Micronics Printers For A Solution That Provides SMB Restaurants With A Competitive Edge

Star Micronics Case Study

It can be a challenge for small and medium sized restaurants to compete with their large chain competitors when it comes to mobile technology. 3B Apps has a mission of offering affordable mobile apps to restaurants of all sizes so they can offer their customers the convenience of mobile ordering — and to level the competitive playing field.


3B Apps creates branded apps that are designed with the restaurant’s logo, images, and menus, which are formatted for easy ordering and payment. When a customer places an order, it is sent to an iPad in the restaurant’s kitchen where it automatically prints. This function of the solution streamlines online orders for the restaurant, reduces the need for additional labor to enter the order, and eliminates errors that can occur when orders are rekeyed.

The right printer, however, is essential for the greatest efficiency. In a loud, busy kitchen environment, it’s crucial to ensure the kitchen staff doesn’t miss any orders. 3B Apps needed to find printers that offered a level of dependability that wouldn’t leave kitchen staff wondering if they had missed an order or if an order had failed to print.

The 3B Apps team evaluated options for printers to integrate with their apps that would give restaurants the dependability and enhanced workflows they are looking for.


After testing numerous printer solutions on the market, 3B Apps chose two of Star Micronics’s printer models, the TSP-100III and the SM-T300i, for several key reasons: the ability to integrate Star’s API, the features of the products, affordability and customer support.

3B Apps incorporates the Star Micronics TSP-100III thermal printer into solutions for the majority of its customers. This high speed (250 mm/s) printer features easy setup, “drop in and print” paper loading, multiple connectivity options and easy Bluetooth pairing.

For 3B Apps’ customers that need increased mobility and durability — in food truck applications, for example — the Star Micronics SM-T300i provides the functionality they need from an ultra-rugged mobile thermal receipt printer. This printer, MFi certified for use with iOS devices, is easy to use and maintain.


3B Apps found the initial set up with Star printers took only a week or two, and onboarding new clients using solutions with Star printers requires no more than an email. 3B Apps was able to completely eliminate the setup process — the restaurant owner has to do nothing more than make sure the printer is plugged in to start receiving orders.

3B Apps customers appreciate the seamless integration between the software and the printer hardware. Moreover, they report that Star Micronics printers deliver the level of dependability they need for efficient kitchen workflows.

For 3B Apps, Star supports its goal of giving restaurants the best technology powered by their apps. 3B Apps has also learned that Star Micronics is a valuable partner that’s always going above and beyond to provide support.

One of our favorite things about working with Star has been having dedicated point of contact that’s always there when we need something or have a question. Amid the busyness and sometimes stress of running a company, having someone that we can always contact regardless of what we need help with is something we really appreciate,” said Mitchell Skees, 3B Apps CEO. “The team is always quick to not only answer our questions, but also go beyond that and exceed expectations.”