Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs)

Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs)

First Sensor offers avalanche photodiodes (APDs), or diodes with an internal gain mechanism. These diodes are available with different housings, and components optimized for the blue, red, and infrared spectral range between 905 and 1064 nm. 

Series 8

The Series 8 APDs are optimized for high cut-off frequencies from 650 nm – 850 nm. With a maximum sensitivity of 800 nm, as well as high gain and speed, these diodes are suitable for many industrial applications such as distance measurement, laser scanning, and optical communication.

Series 8r

The Series 8r APDs are optimized for maximum quantum efficiency at 650 nm. The series offers high sensitivities in the red and green wavelength range. They are ideal for applications that demand fast rise times and low capacitance, including use in laser distance meters (LDM), laser rangefinders (LRF), high speed photometry, and fiber optical communication.

Series 9

The Series 9 APDs feature fast rise time in the 900 nm wavelength range, and are specifically developed for LIDAR laser radar systems and laser rangefinders. This series of diodes also provides fundamental technology for the development of arrays with multiple individual sensors.

Series 9.5

The Series 9.5 APDs offer fast rise time and excellent responsivity in the 950 nm range. They are ideally developed for laser rangefinding and laser scanning applications, including in scanning, 3D-mapping, environmental monitoring, and high resolution LIDAR systems for autonomous driving.

Series 10

The Series 10 APDs are designed to deliver high quantum yield at 1064 nm. These photodiodes are optimized for laser rangefinders and any application using YAG lasers or similar NIR radiation sources.

Series 11

The Series 11 APDs feature high quantum yield at greater than 70 percent at 400 nm, and maximum sensitivity at 600 nm. With high gain, low capacitance, and fast rise times, these components are particularly suited for biomedical applications.

Download the above application notes for more information on these avalanche photodiodes.