News | May 27, 2019

ATS Partners With Probiotic Solutions For Microbiological Wastewater Treatment

ATS Innova and Probiotic Solutions team up to provide the best in water treatment. Together, they will offer microbiological solutions to facilities worldwide.

ATS Innova, the leader in solution-based products for advanced water treatment, is happy to announce the complementary partnership with Gilbert, AZ-based Probiotic Solutions – a concentrated liquid wastewater remediation company that features Micro Carbon Technology. The two companies announced a formal partnership at the end of March after working on the partnership since August of 2018.

Among a line of Biostimulants that include the products Bio Energizer and Bio Genesis, ATS will carry the full Probiotic Solution line of products for the benefit of water treatment facilities worldwide to complement the ATS Innova MB microbiological product line.

With this partnership, it will enable ATS to push into the microbial technology field with more efficient microbiology solutions; the result will be healthier biology in a matter of days, not weeks. To summarize, the partnership greatly expands ATS solutions offerings while expanding Probiotic Solutions geographical reach both domestically and internationally.

Greg Page, Regional Sales Manager for ATS Innova, is excited about the partnership and said, “They are best in class with proven science and I’m just very excited about carrying their products because of the science behind it, as well as the support they provide. The engineering behind their solutions is incredible and I’m excited about everything they have to offer.”

Kirk Langston, Executive Vice President of ATS Innova added, “Our partnership with Probiotic Solutions reinforces our mission to deliver all industries involving water treatment higher performing options, at a cost neutral or even cost reduction position, to ultimately reduce their compliance risks. These products are safe to the environment and adhere to green-chemistry principles. Ultimately, it better allows wastewater and water treatment facilities to reach their full potential.”

Langston concluded, “Micro Carbon Technology (MCT) from Probiotic Solutions is unmatched in terms of its ability to transport both the biology and biostimulants to improve overall bioavailability. We encourage customers to put it to the test side-by-side against their current solutions to experience the difference for themselves. “

Jared Alder, Business Manager for Probiotic Solutions, said this about teaming up with ATS Innova. “Greg contacted us in September of last year about our products and we began discussing partnering with them. We concluded that from a strategic viewpoint, the geographical location, and the fact that ATS already specializes in chemical solutions, a partnership made sense and were the main reasons why we chose them. We see a long-term partnership opportunity together.”

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About ATS
Since 1979, ATS (Alpine Technical Services) has been pivotal in providing high-performance, smart water solutions for water and wastewater treatment plants and professionals. With best-in-class technology, experience, managed services, and programs, it drives superior water treatment quality at lower costs and in the most environmentally-responsible approaches. Their mission is Stewards of Humanity and they partner and consult with customers to solve problems and create positive outcomes.

About Probiotic Solutions
Probiotic Solutions carry concentrated liquid wastewater remediation products with their Micro Carbon Technology as the base ingredient for maximum microbial stimulation in wastewater. Their products reduce sludge, cut down on odor, and control Bio-Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Fat, Oil, Grease (FOG) levels. Probiotic Solutions is a growing company expanding its distribution nation-wide and worldwide. Their vision is to Lead the world in sustainable solutions for environmental challenges.

Source: ATS Innova