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5 Aspects Of File Sync Solutions That Make Them Business-Grade

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

File Sync Solutions

eFolder has found that, despite the clear demarcation between the needs of “casual” users and working professionals, especially in security and collaboration, many businesspeople still select consumer-grade file sync services because they don’t understand the key differences between consumer-grade and business-grade file sync solutions. 

The study 5 Aspects of a File Sync Solution that Make It Business Grade identifies key distinctions that set business-grade solutions apart from their consumer-grade counterparts — which you can share with you IT clients as they make their decision on which solution to use. Business-grade solutions:

  1. Are compliant with industry regulations and other legal requirements. Organizations, particular in healthcare and finance, must be particularly attentive to regulatory guidance. 
  2. Offer complete control over file revisions, backup, and data retention. Consumer-grade file sync services do not normally retail deleted data or revisions of files for any period of time, making data recovery problematic.
  3. Are compatible with existing client hardware. Adopting a solution with the ability to cloud-enable the file server also gives organization all the capabilities of cloud file sync and maintains a local copy of all data.
  4. Have advanced collaboration and sharing features. Business-grade file sync can transform the way colleagues collaborate and allow configuration of granular security features.  
  5. Provide IT with visibility and control to protect client data. Business-grade file sync solutions safeguard against loss or malicious actions by providing administrators with an activity log of time, date, and users associated with any action.

As eFolder points out, the gulf between consumer-grade and business grade file sync services is vast, both in regard to security and features employees desire. 

Download the full white paper by clicking below.

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