Ascent Capture

Ascent Capture 6
Ascent Capture software is a networked application that captures everything from scanned paper documents and invoices to electronic files.
Ascent Capture software is the most popular information capture application worldwide. It accelerates business process by collecting paper documents, forms and e-documents, transforming them into accurate, retrievable information, and delivering it into your business applications and databases.

Ascent is a modular application that can be used right out of the box to meet the needs of a specific department, and expanded to meet the complex needs of a high-volume enterprise. Ascent's open architecture makes it easy to extend the basic application to handle complex, high-volume forms processing, as well as information capture directly from remote offices.

With the Ascent Capture Internet Server added, remote offices can easily capture documents for processing at a central system, saving time and shipping costs and eliminating the possibility of lost documents.

The Ascent platform offers unmatched compatibility with scanners and other capture devices, plus content and document management systems, workflow applications and databases. No matter what hardware or enterprise applications you choose now or in the future, you can count on Ascent to ensure consistent capture, indexing and validation of the information you need.

Ascent Capture 7.5 is:

  • Customizable to meet your needs
  • Easy to use, easy to install
  • Scalable to grow with your enterprise
  • Supports color scanning
  • Designed for any industry
  • Integrates with workflow and content management applications

What's New in Ascent Capture 7.5:

  • Turnkey Reports. Improve efficiency by tracking and managing business metrics and performance goals. Ascent Capture provides out-of-the-box reports that provide a snaphot of your system and allows you to evaluate user activity, module processing time, and overall productivity.

  • Single Document Processing. Single document processing automatically recognizes and separates documents within a batch using Ascent Capture separation functionality for immediate delivery to the next step in the workflow. This allows you to process critical business documents faster.

  • Single Document Routing (ACI Server). Combine single document processing in Ascent Capture with Ascent Capture Internet Server and you can route specific documents to individual people or locations.

  • Deployment Utility. Quickly and easily set up and copy Ascent Capture, with unique configuration settings, to other computers for distribution throughout your company.