ArcGIS Indoors: Smart Building Management

ArcGIS Indoors is a complete indoor mapping system for smart building management. It organizes CAD, BIM, site scans, and other operational datasets into floor-aware indoor maps to support facilities, workplace, operations, and maintenance applications and use cases. Executives, supervisors, field services, and employees can better understand, maintain, and operate their workplace environment with ArcGIS Indoors.

Better space management

ArcGIS Indoors gives organizations the ability to properly define, allocate, and assign space to better support workplace operations, communication, and productivity.

More productive workspaces

Organizations need the ability to coordinate the use of common spaces such as meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, or even shared work spaces like office hotels.

Faster service delivery

Employees need the ability to find assets while on the go, track assets as they move about the facility, report workplace issues with exact location, and maintain up-to-date inspection records.

Reopen the workplace safely

ArcGIS Indoors can help managers make decisions to provide a safe work environment, ensuring social distancing and suggested capacity guidelines are being met.