News | April 16, 2008

AnyDoc Software Expands Its European Presence — Opens Branch In Germany

Source: AnyDoc Software

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AnyDoc Software is increasing its presence in Europe and has opened its first German branch with a location in Wiesbaden. This is in response to the great demand in Germany for AnyDoc solutions and the company to provide more local support to partners, particularly with large projects. The goal is to further develop its partner network in Germany.

The specialist for automated data capture and document classification, founded in 1989 in Tampa, Florida, USA, has achieved outstanding growth in Europe in the last five years. The branch office in Wiesbaden now supplements the European branches in England and Switzerland.

AnyDoc places a great value on being local to its German customers in order to be available at any time for questions and to provide responsive support to its partners.

"Europe is an important growth area for AnyDoc Software and Germany is of strategic importance to us", stated Samuel L. Schrage, president of AnyDoc Software. "Our European customers especially appreciate the high performance of our solutions and the breadth of their features. Now, we intend to transform this technological leadership into a market presence with continued customer satisfaction. The combination of first-rate products and solutions with a distinctive customer focus and local support will help us to further extend and solidify our market position in Europe. Our more than 3,200 customers worldwide, including approximately 600 in Europe, is providing us with the path for a successful joint future."

Because manual data entry can lead to hidden costs and is susceptible to errors, automated data entry and processing has become relevant not just in large entities but also in medium- and small-sized companies with large volumes of paper. The manual entry of the data and processing of documents is frequently distributed across several departments and employees. In addition to the cost factor, such a process is also laboriously slow and erodes productivity.

AnyDoc Software not only develops software that is easily adaptable to a company's documents, it has established a reputation as a specialist for solutions that are customized precisely for the requirements of individual departments and industries. This includes AnyDoc CLASSIFY , for the automated classification and routing of incoming mail, AnyDoc INVOICE for automated invoice processing, as well as industry solutions such as AnyDoc Patient Records for the sorting and classification of patient files. All of these solutions are based on AnyDoc standard products and are continually enhanced to remain industry leaders.

About AnyDoc Software
AnyDoc Software offers innovative document and data capture and classification solutions that have been the industry standard since 1991. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on AnyDoc solutions to eliminate millions of hours of manual data entry while improving productivity and accuracy. Any paper form, invoice and document can be automatically classified and processed with full data extraction without the need for manual keying. Clients include: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Circuit City, BlueCross BlueShield, the U.S. Census, LeasePlan, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Coop and more. For more information, please visit

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