AES Compass™ Cleanroom Facility Programming


During a typical cleanroom project, undiscovered user requirements and space issues can often derail construction and send the entire project back to the drawing board. This creates delays that can ultimately cost your company both money and valuable manufacturing time.

The AES Compass program mitigates these risks by helping you conceptualize the critical parameters of your project upfront, as well as extract the technical and strategic factors that will inform your cleanroom design.

With over 35 years of experience, we have witnessed the changes in regulations, as well as the challenges clients face in getting products to market faster and more efficiently. We bring that expertise into the facility programming process, identifying each project’s unique content and compliance requirements to ensure proper design and avoid scope creep from the start.

With Compass, you receive a package of deliverables that are both technical and commercial in nature, focusing not only on the compliant design of the facility, but also on its cost, schedule, and execution strategy.

These deliverables will enable you to acquire quantitative data for designing and building your facility (scope, schedule, and cost), as well as prepare for strategic and regulatory reviews and capital project funding requests.