The Adrenaline family provides certified scanner compatibility, color image processing, and bar code recognition.
Adrenaline products are the most trusted way to connect scanners to PCs for professional document scanning. Adrenaline is a complete family of scanner controllers, image processing accelerators, and software engines designed to offer the best support possible for document scanners.

From workgroup to high-volume, SCSI to video, black-and-white to color, Adrenaline makes your scanning experience easier, better, faster, and more reliable. The Adrenaline family provides:
  • Advanced and Accelerated Image Processing
  • Unsurpassed Bar Code Recognition
  • Dependable Installation and Operation
  • Certified Compatibility
  • Unrivaled Technical Support from Scanning Experts
Next Generation Bar Code Recognition

Kofax has "raised the bar" for bar code recognition. The Adrenaline 650i, 850 and 1700 include the most accurate bar code recognition and decoding software in the document imaging market.

The enhanced bar code software provides unrivaled recognition of traditional bitonal bar codes, reading even damaged or poor quality bar codes easily and accurately. This powerful software can also read bar codes directly from 100 or 150 dpi color images, saving processing time and providing more accurate recognition, plus 2D bar codes and bar codes scanned in grayscale.