News | May 16, 2008

Release Of A2iA CheckReader™ 4.1 Provides Improved Check-Image Quality Analysis And Enhanced Functionality To Process Foreign Checks

Source: A2iA Corporation
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A2iA Corp., a leading provider of tools for document analysis and handwritten data extraction, announced recently the release of A2iA CheckReader 4.1, the latest version of their comprehensive set of tools that locates and reads key transactional information from paper checks and arbitrary document images. The new features of A2iA CheckReader provide improved image quality analysis, as well as enhanced functionality to process checks from fast-growing check processing markets, including: India, France, Brazil and Columbia.

New Features Include:

  • Correction of inversion between back and front images: Reverse the order of back and
  • front images in case of inversion during processing.
  • Indian checks: Recognition has been developed for the following fields on Indian checks:
    • Date
    • Payee
    • Payer
    • Signature Detection
    • Codeline
    • Account Fields
  • French checks: Detect the presence of a signature on the back of French checks.
  • Brazilian checks:
    • Check Validity: Verification of the presence of mandatory fields: CAR, LAR, Date, Payee Name, Signature
    • Recognition of Line 1 Field
  • Columbian checks: Recognition has been developed for the following fields on Columbian checks:
    • CAR
    • LAR
    • MICR

Availability A2iA CheckReader is available to software developers for integration into front- and back-end bank operations software, image-enabled ATMs for check acceptance, branch or distributed capture, remittance, check cashing, accounting, online banking, point-of-sale document management, and proof operations. Precision-engineered to work together to provide extremely high read-rates and unparalleled accuracy, A2iA's recognition engines also provide information about check image quality, usability and negotiability in one simple call. For more information, visit

About A2iA
A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is a software company that operates one of the world's largest research centers focusing on ways to extract information from everyday paper documents that contain handwritten information. A2iA's Document Classification, OCR, ICR and IWR technologies have been reducing data-entry costs and improving business process automation for over 16 years. A2iA recognition engines can be used to enhance the formsprocessing, transaction-processing, content management, document management, and knowledge management systems from leading vendors.

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