Application Note

Application Note: A2iA CheckReader™ And Summit.NET 's Web-Based Remote Deposit Module Eliminates Geographic Limitations And Improves Fund Availability

Source: A2iA Corporation

A2iA CheckReader™ has been integrated into Summit.NET's Next Generation Web-Based Remote Deposit Module, extracting key information from checks anywhere there is an internet connection. This integrated solution enhances customer loyalty, expands a financial institution's market area and eliminates geographic limitations. Corporate customers can deposit checks from anywhere in the world that they have internet access, saving time, money and reducing errors.

Summit.NET's Web-Based Remote Deposit Module utilizes Smart Client technology to convert paper-based transactions into image-based transactions. Once in digital format, A2iA CheckReader™ locates and reads the check's Courtesy Amount (CAR) and Legal Amount (LAR) in real-time. Email alerts and reports notify all parties of the status of the transaction, including whether any further action is required, and the extracted information is then easily transmitted to the financial institution through a secure internet connection, improving fund availability.