News | January 27, 2010

A2iA And Bull Win Public Bid With Major Brazilian Bank

Source: A2iA Corporation
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Bull, the French leader in Information Technology, announced it has just signed a new contract with A2iA S.A., (Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis), the world-leading developer of handwritten data-capture and document classification technologies. The recent win of the largest check truncation focused project brings the alliance to a new business front in Brazil in which the development of pioneering technologies will be necessary.

The project demands for a single Linux-based solution to meet all the requirements of the truncation regulation passed in Brazil. With over 20 years of experience in financial markets, and innovative technology, Bull and A2iA were the clear winners of the bid. A2iA CheckReader™, which will be integrated by Bull into the overall solution, currently offers all the necessary features for Brazil's check truncation regulation including: image quality analysis, image validity and usability analysis, as well as recognition of all compulsory fields. The Bull / A2iA solution is expected to serve as the model application for all financial institutions in the emerging truncation market.

"With this new contract, Bull will implement the pioneering technology A2iA CheckReader™ in one of the top 5 banks in Brazil, offering a key application developed entirely in Linux," stated Eraldo Silveira, Bull's executive director the Government and Finance division.

With electronic check truncation physical checks are no longer exchanged by banks. Checks are scanned at each branch and replaced by a digital image resulting in a number of benefits for banks and financial institutions, primarily the reduction in transportation costs, decreased fraud, minimized manual data entry and the acceleration of fund availability. For this implementation it will be necessary to create an entire infrastructure, including check scanners, image capture and processing software, as well as dedicated servers. As the truncation regulation has been passed and in the early stages of implementation, all banks are looking to adopt regulatory-ready solutions in the upcoming months.

"With this new solution, we expect to drastically reduce the bank's operating costs, as well as speed-up the clearing process and improve transaction security," said Jean-Louis Fages, Chairman of A2iA S.A. "With 10 years of global experience in the area of electronic truncation, we are confident that our alliance with Bull will bring key solutions to the Brazilian financial sector" he added.

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A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is a software company that operates one of the world's largest research centers focusing on ways to extract information from everyday paper documents that contain handwritten information. A2iA's Document Classification, OCR, ICR and IWR technologies have been reducing data-entry costs and improving business process automation for nearly 20 years. A2iA recognition engines are used to enhance the forms-processing, transaction-processing, content management, document management, and knowledge management systems from leading vendors. For more information, please visit:

SOURCE: A2iA Corporation