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A Powerful Cross-Platform Solution For Document Management: DocPath ActiveSpooler Enterprise

These new Spool Management features of this advanced document software are focused on a multi-channel distribution of application-generated documents and Print Spool Management

Suwanee, GA (PRWEB) - The DocPath ActiveSpooler Enterprise™ solution’s features and functionalities have been considerably improved. These new Spool Management features are focused on a multi-channel distribution of application-generated documents and Print Spool Management.

DocPath, a multinational company specialized in the development of innovative document software solutions announces the new features and functionalities of their DocPath ActiveSpooler Enterprise solution. This powerful and efficient Print Spool Management software ensures documents are delivered accurately, while failed print jobs can be reprinted seamlessly. This way, any computer application will be able to send its output to DocPath ActiveSpooler, a document software solution that offers support for complete document output management and distribution and it is suitable for all platforms (Windows, Linux, IBM i, etc.).

Among other features, this tool facilitates a redirection to other printing or distribution media and allows failed print jobs to be reprinted on the previously defined printer. Output files are managed in an agile and efficient way by using the DocPath ActiveSpooler Enterprise solution’s dashboard.

Main DocPath ActiveSpooler Enterprise improvements:

  • The graphical design of the homepage was significantly improved, aiding in improving the user experience. The name of the print Spool can now be specified (only for Windows printers), columns can be added/removed to different print histories and they can be re-dimensioned as well.
  • Spool printing on an AS400 now supports new parameters, such as form type and user data. Additionally, spool printing on AS400 for AFP the format has been added.
  • It now offers the possibility to manage distribution lists, which can be inserted or updated manually or dynamically by using CSV formatted files.
  • Eased management of Email delivery. Bounced Emails can now be managed by using the newly implemented settings.
  • Direct printing on a printer network is allowed, without the need to be defined in the system. When printing to TCP/socket printers, users are no longer required to add this printer to the ActiveSpooler Enterprise printers list and can print directly to an IP address.
  • From now on, document output reports, compatible with PDF and CSV formats, can be generated too. Recently added SMS support allows SMS messages to be sent through the TWILIO’s communications platform.
  • User control, with integrated Access and Identity Management™, is now available as well.

DocPath ActiveSpooler Enterprise document software solution supports the following software:

  • SQL Server 2019
  • Supported protocols: SFTP and FTP.
  • Microsoft SharePoint.

It is important to highlight, that no other DocPath modules are required, in order for this new product to integrate seamlessly with the user's printing ecosystem, as it handles any "Spool" file, regardless of its origin.

DocPath ActiveSpooler Enterprise is the result of the company's efforts to further complement its document software offering. The new DocPath document software products and solutions allow their customers to benefit from a comprehensive solution, according to their document needs.

Please read the following article for information about the differences between Print Spool Management and Output Document Management.

About DocPath
DocPath is a leading document software manufacturer that provides its worldwide customers with the technology that allows them to implement sophisticated Customer Communication and Document Output Management processes. Created in 1993, DocPath´s solutions have been implemented in companies all over the world. Among its international clients are prestigious banks and first-class corporations, which are aided by DocPath solutions by simplifying the complicated and critical tasks involving the design and distribution of business and customer documents. DocPath maintains a strong commitment to R&D&i, an area that receives a good amount of its revenue, and in which lies the key to the company´s success.

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