80 - 6000 MHz, 125W Min Solid State High Power Amplifier: AMP2055DB-300-200LC

Exodus - AMP2055DC-300-200LC

The AMP2055DB-300-200LC state high power amplifier is meticulously engineered to excel in broadband EMI/RFI, Lab, and IEC Testing applications.

This compact, rack-mounted system boasts a small form factor without compromising on performance. Its Class A/AB Linear design ensures superior signal integrity, while high-power advanced technology devices deliver remarkable power output.

Experience instantaneous ultra-wide bandwidth coverage, allowing for seamless operation across diverse frequency ranges. With built-in protection circuits and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, your equipment stays safeguarded at all times. Not only does this amplifier offer high efficiency, but it also sets new standards for reliability and ruggedness, guaranteeing a long-lasting and dependable solution for your high-power needs.

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