• LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging Developer Toolkit
    LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging Developer Toolkit

    The LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK is a handpicked collection of LEADTOOLS SDK features designed to build end-to-end document imaging applications within enterprise-level document automation solutions that require OCR, MICR, OMR, ICR, barcode, forms recognition and processing, PDF, print capture, archival, annotation and display functionality.

  • LEADTOOLS PDF Pro Developer Toolkit
    LEADTOOLS PDF Pro Developer Toolkit

    LEADTOOLS PDF Pro includes everything developers need to read, write, view (as raster) and edit PDF files with advanced capabilities such as the extraction of text, images, hyperlinks and metadata, updating, splitting and merging pages from existing PDF documents, converting to PDF/A as a real document, linearization, and reducing PDF document size with the LEADTOOLS PDF Optimizer.

  • LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging Developer Toolkit
    LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging Developer Toolkit

    Develop robust PACS Imaging applications with LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging.

  • ibml SoftTrac Validation
    ibml SoftTrac Validation

    SoftTrac® Validation is part of ibml’s SoftTrac Capture Suite software and provides organizations with a fast and easy way to validate and repair information such as barcodes, check MICR data or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data that is captured incorrectly during the scanning process, or not captured at all. SoftTrac Validation has the ability to perform a database lookup to validate or populate other fields. You can also create Key From Image fields to be entered in the Validation Client.

  • OPEX FalconRED Digital Mail Center Document Scanning Workstation
    OPEX FalconRED Digital Mail Center Document Scanning Workstation

    FalconRED™ combines the most efficient envelope opening and extraction unit on the market, the OPEX Model 72 ™ Rapid Extraction Desk, with OPEX’s latest high-volume production scanning technology. FalconRED is designed to attack the most difficult and daunting of digital mail center workflow challenges.


  • Intelligent Document Understanding: Transforming Disparate Data Into Valuable Knowledge

    There are individuals, no doubt, who fondly recall the days of simplified document management. There were forms, correspondence, receipts, purchase orders and so forth, but they were all quite straightforward and arrived as pieces of paper.

  • Farm Credit Services Of America Takes Control of Their Content

    Faced with the growing need to curb the ramp-ant growth, cost, and risk of mismanaged email and the desire to provide a common records management service for all forms of information, Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica) formed a work group in 2008 to look for the best way to meet the knowledge management and compliance needs of the association.

  • Mobile Enrollment Solution Minimizes Risk, Mitigates Fraud
    Mobile Enrollment Solution Minimizes Risk, Mitigates Fraud

    French Bank Simplifies Enrollment Process and Increases Productivity with A2iA Mobility.

  • Integrating SharePoint Into Your Information Governance Strategy

    Most of the world's largest companies leverage SharePoint as an important element of the information management infrastructure . However, the exponential rate of content growth within organizations poses significant challenges and risk. Companies need to integrate SharePoint with their broader information infrastructure and find ways to effectively manage both the unprecedented surge of data.

  • Brousseau & Associates Document Capture Trends Survey Results

    This paper provides the results of a document capture survey conducted by Brousseau & Associates that surveyed ECM Connection subscribers, ibml customers and leads, and end users and resellers in North America and Europe.

  • Lender's Loan Volume More Than Doubles With New Distributed Document Capture & ECM Software
    Lender's Loan Volume More Than Doubles With New Distributed Document Capture & ECM Software

    Throughput, the quantity of raw material or information processed or communicated in a given time, can either hamper or help an organization.

  • The Planning Inspectorate Meets National Policy Standards And Actively Engages Citizens With Case Management Solution

    With a mandate to oversee the planning and development of nationally significant infrastructure projects in the UK, effective management and governance of very complex and involved projects while providing a forum for public debate was a challenge The Planning Inspectorate needed to address quickly.

  • Achieving True Security In A Cloud-Hosted World

    After half a decade of working out the kinks on free, individual user accounts, major commercial cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Box recently set their sights on the corporate and small-to-medium business (SMB) paid-subscription market.

  • Creating Intelligent Customer Service Experiences

    As consumers, we value simple, practical support in our search for solutions. Of course, we expect to be served quickly, politely, and competently. About 84 percent of us trust other consumers’ experiences, but only 17 percent of us cite marketing messages alone for triggering a purchase decision 1 . Being able to access the Internet whenever and wherever we are has changed our expectations.

  • OPEX And Hugh Symons Information Management LTD. Secure High Volume Document Scanning

    HSIM was looking to implement the next generation of hardware that would enable them to fulfill the requirements of new clients, as well as providing a continuity of service for existing partners.

  • Streamlining Access To Critical Healthcare Operations
    Streamlining Access To Critical Healthcare Operations

    The healthcare industry’s ability to streamline meaningful use and Health Information Exchange (HIE) efforts are largely based on the level of interoperability between management systems. Organizations have long been tasked with improving the accessibility of data throughout complex multi-channel workflows without sacrificing security, accuracy, time or budgets. With this natural progression of the industry’s efforts, Intelligent Capture has provided a critical bridge in accessing data held within paper medical documentation and making it available within the daily digital workflow, easing interoperability efforts and helping to facilitate an electronic industry.

  • How To Generate New Recurring Revenues From Higher-Value, Higher-Margin Managed Services
    How To Generate New Recurring Revenues From Higher-Value, Higher-Margin Managed Services

    Margins for most service providers are razor thin. Many are asking: how can we add new, breakthrough value to customers? What new sources of revenue can we tap? Many are turning to Managed Services. In doing so, they are generating new, recurring revenue from services that complement their core business and add significant value to customers. It’s a win-win strategy.

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