• LEADTOOLS PDF Pro Developer Toolkit
    LEADTOOLS PDF Pro Developer Toolkit

    LEADTOOLS PDF Pro includes everything developers need to read, write, view (as raster) and edit PDF files with advanced capabilities such as the extraction of text, images, hyperlinks and metadata, updating, splitting and merging pages from existing PDF documents, converting to PDF/A as a real document, linearization, and reducing PDF document size with the LEADTOOLS PDF Optimizer.

  • ibml ImageTracDS 1085
    ibml ImageTracDS 1085

    The ImageTracDS 1085 from ibml is a first-of-its-kind mid-volume production scanner offering many of the features that have made ibml’s ImageTrac® scanners the best in their class.


  • A2iA DocumentKeyer
    A2iA DocumentKeyer

    Organizations around the Globe trust A2iA because of our proven ability to drive successful workflow automation and digital file conversion processes at leading businesses worldwide.

  • LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging Developer Toolkit
    LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging Developer Toolkit

    The LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK is a handpicked collection of LEADTOOLS SDK features designed to build end-to-end document imaging applications within enterprise-level document automation solutions that require OCR, MICR, OMR, ICR, barcode, forms recognition and processing, PDF, print capture, archival, annotation and display functionality.

  • OpenText Cloud Archive
    OpenText Cloud Archive

    Cost effective, multi-tenant and cloud-ready. Purpose-built to manage and secure your enterprise information.


  • Intermountain Healthcare Minimizes The Impact Of Hardcopy Paper On Their Business
    Intermountain Healthcare Minimizes The Impact Of Hardcopy Paper On Their Business

    Intermountain Healthcare is a nonprofit health system based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with 22 hospitals, about 1,100 employed primary care and secondary care physicians at more than 185 clinics in the Intermountain Medical Group, a broad range of clinics and services, and health insurance plans from SelectHealth. They are the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West, with over 33,000 employees and serving the healthcare needs of Utah and southeastern Idaho residents.

  • Sprint Improves Access To Enterprise Records, Giving Employees The Ability To Create, Classify, Manage, And Retrieve Content

    Organizations today are facing an explosion of content both inside and outside the firewall. By understanding and categorizing information, organizations can ensure they keep and utilize high-value information and defensibly delete transient, low-value information.  Business leaders can drive operational efficiencies by ensuring that critical information is available, utilized in key business processes, and transparently managed to reduce infrastructure costs.

  • Securing Public Sector Documents Via Viewing Technology
    Securing Public Sector Documents Via Viewing Technology

    Government and military organizations today are stretched perilously between contradictory and intensifying priorities.

  • OPEX And Hugh Symons Information Management LTD. Secure High Volume Document Scanning

    HSIM was looking to implement the next generation of hardware that would enable them to fulfill the requirements of new clients, as well as providing a continuity of service for existing partners.

  • Search Prowess Is Key To Effective eDiscovery

    Of the many challenges that bedevil eDiscovery as the practice matures, two are most easily resolved by technology.

  • Enhancing SharePoint To Support ECM-Grade Document Output Management
    Enhancing SharePoint To Support ECM-Grade Document Output Management

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has become a business critical application, and while EMC® Documentum® , IBM® FileNet® , and OpenText® have dominated this space historically, Microsoft® SharePoint® is achieving significant traction as the “ECM for the masses” by reducing the high cost, large footprint and long implementation times often associated with traditional solutions.

  • Streamlining Access To Critical Healthcare Operations
    Streamlining Access To Critical Healthcare Operations

    The healthcare industry’s ability to streamline meaningful use and Health Information Exchange (HIE) efforts are largely based on the level of interoperability between management systems. Organizations have long been tasked with improving the accessibility of data throughout complex multi-channel workflows without sacrificing security, accuracy, time or budgets. With this natural progression of the industry’s efforts, Intelligent Capture has provided a critical bridge in accessing data held within paper medical documentation and making it available within the daily digital workflow, easing interoperability efforts and helping to facilitate an electronic industry.

  • The Planning Inspectorate Meets National Policy Standards And Actively Engages Citizens With Case Management Solution

    With a mandate to oversee the planning and development of nationally significant infrastructure projects in the UK, effective management and governance of very complex and involved projects while providing a forum for public debate was a challenge The Planning Inspectorate needed to address quickly.

  • Tax Collector Reduces Costs And Simplifies Payment Processing
    Tax Collector Reduces Costs And Simplifies Payment Processing

    Tax collection season is the busiest time of year for any municipal tax collection department. Tens of thousands of envelopes that contain checks and payment coupons arrive each week, all of which need to be processed in a timely manner.

  • Diagnostic Testing Organization Modernizes Operations With DocumentReader

    Initiated by the customer’s C-Suite as part of a five-year savings plan, the organization looked to modernize operations within its primary business unit and to automate its paper-based processes. The chosen solution was required to provide value with respect to shortened processing times and increased efficiencies, but also by delivering an ROI.

  • SharePoint 2013: Clouding The Issues

    SharePoint 2013 is the fourth major incarnation of SharePoint in the last 10 years, and as we will see, some organizations find themselves supporting live versions of all four. Although not really its original purpose, SharePoint has had a major impact on the overall reach of document management and ECM compared to the deployment of earlier systems.

  • Information Governance Is Good Business

    There are many definitions of Information Governance, but at the heart it is about effectively using and managing an organization’s information assets to derive maximum value, while minimizing information-related risks. It applies to all corporate information, regardless of form, function, or location. This includes structured and unstructured information, and ranges from content on file systems and email to information within productivity and line-of-business systems on the web, social and mobile environments.

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