• A2iA DocumentKeyer
    A2iA DocumentKeyer

    Organizations around the Globe trust A2iA because of our proven ability to drive successful workflow automation and digital file conversion processes at leading businesses worldwide.

  • ibml SoftTrac Validation
    ibml SoftTrac Validation

    SoftTrac® Validation is part of ibml’s SoftTrac Capture Suite software and provides organizations with a fast and easy way to validate and repair information such as barcodes, check MICR data or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data that is captured incorrectly during the scanning process, or not captured at all. SoftTrac Validation has the ability to perform a database lookup to validate or populate other fields. You can also create Key From Image fields to be entered in the Validation Client.

  • LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging Developer Toolkit
    LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging Developer Toolkit

    The LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK is a handpicked collection of LEADTOOLS SDK features designed to build end-to-end document imaging applications within enterprise-level document automation solutions that require OCR, MICR, OMR, ICR, barcode, forms recognition and processing, PDF, print capture, archival, annotation and display functionality.

  • LEADTOOLS PDF Pro Developer Toolkit
    LEADTOOLS PDF Pro Developer Toolkit

    LEADTOOLS PDF Pro includes everything developers need to read, write, view (as raster) and edit PDF files with advanced capabilities such as the extraction of text, images, hyperlinks and metadata, updating, splitting and merging pages from existing PDF documents, converting to PDF/A as a real document, linearization, and reducing PDF document size with the LEADTOOLS PDF Optimizer.

  • A2iA Lockbox Capabilities
    A2iA Lockbox Capabilities

    Streamlined workflows. Tangible results. Miles ahead of the comptetition.


  • Creating Intelligent Customer Service Experiences

    As consumers, we value simple, practical support in our search for solutions. Of course, we expect to be served quickly, politely, and competently. About 84 percent of us trust other consumers’ experiences, but only 17 percent of us cite marketing messages alone for triggering a purchase decision 1 . Being able to access the Internet whenever and wherever we are has changed our expectations.

  • Document Reader Solution Indexes And Extracts Information From Handwritten Census And Civic Records Dating From Pre-1908

    A2iA DocumentReader™, a document classification and data extraction toolkit, was selected to automatically index and extract first and last name of individuals, as well as their family relationship, from over 350,000 tables from France’s census and civic records dating from pre- 1908.

  • Simplifying Document Imaging For County Archives

    A new scanning solution at Chester County Archives cut the time it takes to convert a box of documents from a day to 90 minutes.

  • UBSI Reduces Costs, Streamlines Operation With Document Capture Platform
    UBSI Reduces Costs, Streamlines Operation With Document Capture Platform

    United Bankshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: UBSI), is a $12.1 billion regional banking company with dual headquarters in Charleston, WV and Washington, DC. The bank’s lending portfolio tops $6 billion.

  • Farm Credit Services Of America Takes Control of Their Content

    Faced with the growing need to curb the ramp-ant growth, cost, and risk of mismanaged email and the desire to provide a common records management service for all forms of information, Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica) formed a work group in 2008 to look for the best way to meet the knowledge management and compliance needs of the association.

  • Safeguarding Your Company Against Risk And Cost

    When it comes to your business, a records management program should be as important to you as a life vest is to a sailor. In a very real sense, records management protects your business.  It safeguards your company against the risk and cost of content and provides a way to verify the integrity of your business practices.

  • Information Governance Is Good Business

    There are many definitions of Information Governance, but at the heart it is about effectively using and managing an organization’s information assets to derive maximum value, while minimizing information-related risks. It applies to all corporate information, regardless of form, function, or location. This includes structured and unstructured information, and ranges from content on file systems and email to information within productivity and line-of-business systems on the web, social and mobile environments.

  • White Paper: Converting And Viewing Multiple Document Formats With A Single, Straightforward Solution
    White Paper: Converting And Viewing Multiple Document Formats With A Single, Straightforward Solution

    Most companies send and receive a wide variety of documents, and converting those documents into formats that can easily be annotated, stored and retrieved has become an increasingly complex and time consuming task. Developing the software tools necessary to perform these conversions has become equally complex.

  • Brousseau & Associates Document Capture Trends Survey Results

    This paper provides the results of a document capture survey conducted by Brousseau & Associates that surveyed ECM Connection subscribers, ibml customers and leads, and end users and resellers in North America and Europe.

  • Securing Public Sector Documents Via Viewing Technology
    Securing Public Sector Documents Via Viewing Technology

    Government and military organizations today are stretched perilously between contradictory and intensifying priorities.

  • SharePoint 2013: Clouding The Issues

    SharePoint 2013 is the fourth major incarnation of SharePoint in the last 10 years, and as we will see, some organizations find themselves supporting live versions of all four. Although not really its original purpose, SharePoint has had a major impact on the overall reach of document management and ECM compared to the deployment of earlier systems.

  • The Planning Inspectorate Meets National Policy Standards And Actively Engages Citizens With Case Management Solution

    With a mandate to oversee the planning and development of nationally significant infrastructure projects in the UK, effective management and governance of very complex and involved projects while providing a forum for public debate was a challenge The Planning Inspectorate needed to address quickly.

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