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KeyMark Inc. is an award-winning solutions provider. We automate business processes with document management, advanced data capture and workflow while leveraging your current systems — without required programming. If there is a return on investment, we tell you; if there is no return on investment, we tell you that too.

Some systems integrators only sell software. We follow a process to understand your current situation, challenges and goals — providing you with an optimum solution that saves you money. We also follow a 16-step checklist to ensure you achieve your goals.

KeyMark’s exhaustive research and intensive training far exceeds industry standards. As a result, our CDIA (Certified Document Image Architect) trained employees have developed an unparalleled expertise in our ever-changing field. This expertise has been noted in many articles and publications, most recently on the cover of Business Solutions magazine. It has also led to awards such as the AIIM Channel Connection Award for Innovative Forms and Processing Solutions, the Content Management Channel Innovator Award and being named Hyland’s number one reseller.

Learn more about KeyMark's BPM Group. The BPM Group is a consulting firm with over 25 years of collective document management experience. Our knowledge of business processes and related software and hardware systems is extensive. This gives us the ability to analyze and assess your existing system as well as introduce you to new, appropriate technologies.

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  • The Future Of Document Capture

    When it comes to the future of document capture, it is hard to fully predict what will happen and when it will happen, and for those of us in the document capture industry, this is hard to swallow.

  • Business Form Challenges And Solutions

    This report looks at how forms are used in today’s business climate, some of the challenges of using forms and some considerations in improving forms processes.

  • The Trouble With Legacy Systems: An Insurance Executive’s Challenges And Options With demands on IT budgets growing increasingly complex, one of the last places most IT staffs should spend money is on legacy systems. For most insurers, though, legacy systems are responsible for core business transactions and capabilities that represent the livelihood of the organization, so proper care of them is critical. But that care doesn’t come cheap. By KeyMark, Inc.
  • White Paper: Determining The Right Mailroom Solution For You The benefits of Enterprise Content Management/Business Process Management (ECM/BPM) are easy to understand and identify. This is especially true when base document management repositories are leveraged by document-centric workflows. By KeyMark
  • Faster Response Time Leads To Better Customer Service At Security Finance With no imaging capability and a completely paper-based process, there was an inevitably slow turnaround time on invoices. A desire to streamline their process led Security Finance to seek a better solution. In their words, “KeyMark had the best integrated solution with room for growth.” Submitted by KeyMark
  • Accuracy Improvement For Mailroom Solutions White Paper: Accuracy Improvement For Mailroom Solutions
  • KeyTrack Gets Russell Reynolds Associates, Inc. On Track

    It’s the "one firm" philosophy of Russell Reynolds Associates, Inc. that has resulted in the executive recruiting firm being ranked one of the top five in the world. The company emphasizes a spirit of collaboration among its employees to ensure that all are working together to provide clients top candidates and exceptional service. Submitted by KeyMark

  • KeyTrack Ushers In New Era Of Payment Processing

    Once Accounts Payable Manager Darien Pate discovered the extent of what KeyTrack, KeyMark’s AP Solution could do, nothing less than a total forms processing solution would do. "We didn’t have to change to adapt to the solution. No other supplier even tried to go that far," says Pate. Submitted by KeyMark

  • Major Gains Seen With Scalable Approach To Automation

    Capital City was adamant about making sure their underwriting team was on board and involved in the development of the imaging process. Workflow was implemented and fully functional while a legacy system business application was in development. As files were “touched” they were scanned into the system. With the significant volume of files, it made sense to scan a file as it was being used instead of trying to scan all older files into the system in a single effort (paper back file conversion). Once the file was scanned in, it was indexed and stored appropriately. Submitted by KeyMark

  • Large Employer Eliminates Paper Chaos With 4,500 active employees and about 2,000 student employees at Clemson University, Lucy Arthur, Director of Database and Records Management in Clemson's HR department and her 36 employees have their hands full. Like many universities and businesses, Clemson maintained a permanent microfilm archive. By the mid-1990s, the microfilm camera purchased in 1975 was becoming unreliable and hard to maintain.

    Submitted by KeyMark

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