Newsletter | March 6, 2018

03.06.18 -- Your Non-Paperless Office Is Costing You More Than You Think

  Digital Mail — A Revolution Interrupted

The "digital mailroom revolution" has been just around the corner for many years. But technology on its own does not drive change without providing a demonstrable benefit to the end user. Even so, the risks can be too significant for adoption to reach a tipping point. The digital mailroom, trumpeted for years by many industry leaders, is a perfect example. But are the barriers of the past simply challenges that may yet be overcome? Learn more.

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Change Management: Can You Afford To Do Nothing?
Article | By OPEX Corporation

You know that technology can make your work easier, faster, more accurate, and less expensive. You also know that change not only involves processes; it also involves people—people who built the processes and people who have been working the processes for quite some time, and that can sometimes be a little hairy to navigate. So, how do you get there? We've boiled it down to five broad steps that can help successfully move big projects forward.

Your Non-Paperless Office Is Costing You More Than You Think
Guest Column | By Tom Franceski, DocStar

Despite the pervasiveness of forms in use in today's business environment and our increasingly technology-driven culture, paper forms persist. However, most businesses don't recognize how much this practice is actually costing their business — in terms of hard costs, as well as productivity and opportunity loss.

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a2ia TextReader

a2ia TextReader features a new and innovative technology, allowing for a simple and new approach to full text transcription. Its state-of-the-art recognition toolkits have been designed with one goal in mind — to help businesses access more data, extract more actionable intelligence, and produce more profitable returns from their document conversion and information automation processes.

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