X-Ray Inspection For Small Packaging: Eagle™ Pack 240 XE


A cost-effective entry level x-ray inspection system, ideal for small packaged products.

Eagle’s Pack 240 XE provides superior x-ray detection performance and automatic rejection of the following physical contaminants in the Food, Pet Food and Pharmaceutical/Personal Care industries:

  • Glass shards (including glass contamination within glass containers)
  • Metal fragments (including metal within foil and metalized film packaging)
  • Mineral stone
  • Some plastic and rubber compounds
  • Calcified bone

Suitable for inspecting standard poly-wrapped products, as well as food and products packaged in foil or metalized film, the Pack 240 XE inspection system is capable of foreign body detection in the following packaging types:

  • Plastic containers
  • Cartons/boxes
  • Pouches

The x-ray system provides 240 mm (9.4”) of detection coverage at the belt and is capable of high-speed imaging up to 62 meters per minute (205 FPM).