X-Ray Inspection Of Dairy Products


A study recently published by Grocery Manufacturer Accusation (GMA) found that 81% of respondents cited the financial risk caused by product recalls as the most catastrophic with an alarming 58% of companies experiencing recalls in the past five years. The risk is especially higher to dairy products that have short shelf life with high cost of transportation, longer supply chains, and ingredients that need to be sourced from other locations. As a dairy product producer, you need to protect your brand image and business from costly recalls to protect your customers and ensure sales.

The Risks Involved
Milk can be processed into a number of different products, including cheese, ice cream, and even pro-biotic goods like yogurt. When it undergoes processing, however, foreign objects such as screws, tools, and glass from lamps can find their way into the product. Additionally, may be spices added to dairy products might have stones in them.

Producers need to use an effective food inspection system to detect flaws before they cause product recall issues. Dairy goods, however, are sometimes packaged in aluminum foil, which can prevent the use of metal detectors that cannot screen for non-metal objects, which can let some contaminants go dangerously unchecked. In addition, many dairy products such as butter and cheese can have variable moisture and salt levels, rendering metal detection to be less effective. An x-ray inspection system for dairy products, such as Mekitec’s, is the more preferable and safer option.

How We Can Help You 
Mekitec is a premier manufacturer and distributor of quality product inspection solutions that dairy producers can utilize in their operations. Our xray inspection system is not only effective at finding product defects regardless of the packaging, but is also cost-effective due to its relatively lower costs compared to other similar systems. We offer three systems that can be easily integrated into any production line without the need for any extensive modifications: MEKI™, CombiMEKI, and MIDMEKI. All three MEKI systems allow dairy producers to meet stringent HACCP, BRC, EFSIS, IFS, and GFSI regulations, so they can meet industry standards while ensuring that their product is of the highest quality.