X-Band, GaN/SiC Power Transistor: IGT1112M90


Integra Technologies offers the IGT1112M90 X-band, GaN/SiC power transistor designed to meet the requirements of radar systems operating in the X-band. Operating in the 10.8 – 11.8 GHz frequency range with under 150µs, 10% duty cycle pulse conditions, the device supplies a minimum of 90 W of peak output power, with an associated 9 dB of gain and 35% efficiency.

The IGT1112M90 operates from a 50 V supply voltage. For optimal thermal efficiency, the transistor is housed in a metal-based package with an epoxy sealed ceramic lid.

Additional features include:

  • GaN on SiC HEMT Technology
  • Output Power >90 W
  • Fully matched to 50 W Impedance at both Input and Output
  • High Efficiency - up to 43%
  • 100% RF Tested
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant

For additional specifications and operating parameters, download the datasheet.