Worldwide Clinical Trials Oncology Portfolio

Worldwide Clinical Trials Oncology Portfolio

Recent understandings have both enlightened and complicated oncology clinical research. Key among them is the heterogeneity of tumors at the same primary site. The ensuing necessity for companion diagnostics to identify which patients will benefit from a targeted therapy and for rapid identification of molecules that can sidestep acquired resistance, plus progress in immunologic- and vaccine-based treatments, have increased the complexity of drug development. At Worldwide Clinical Trials, our core oncology expertise means your trial starts from a favorable, advanced position. Our commitment to your study objectives and our ability to proactively identify and overcome operational challenges mitigate your risk.

How does Worldwide differ from other contract research organizations (CROs) you may be considering? You want to bridge the gap between basic research and the production of agents that benefit patients. Worldwide offers experience in:

  • Implementing traditional and accelerated dose escalation designs and sequential trial designs that deliver innovation and efficiencies in Phase I and Phase I/II studies
  • Facilitating gene-expression profiling in exploratory studies designed to identify patients for whom molecularly targeted therapies may be efficacious
  • Producing adaptive study designs that permit modification of a trial’s course based on accumulating results, potentially allowing much smaller and more focused oncology trialsa
  •  Working with targeted therapies featuring innovative biological properties
  • Executing complex, multi-part designs in later-phase trials.

Additionally, we can collaborate on “basket studies,” which enroll patients with a particular mutation regardless of their cancer typeb.