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Why The Future Of Work Depends On Workforce Management Efficiency


The Future of Work, which Ardent Partners defines as work optimization via the transformation of business operations, talent usage, seamless and comprehensive workforce management solutions, and flexible enterprise thinking, dictates that businesses respond dynamically to real-time enterprise pressures and competitive challenges in order to thrive. As the non-employee workforce continues to grow in size and prominence, it is critical that core contingent workforce management (CWM) programs streamline talent acquisition strategies and back-end processes (such as onboarding, scheduling, and payment), as well as offer holistic and on-demand recruitment of all talent types. As the Future of Work continues to take hold, agility will be its long-term foundation.

The Link Between Agility and the Future of Work

Agility has become paramount as businesses seek the best possible means to thrive in the new world of work. In fact, the vast majority of today’s businesses (81%) focus on achieving enterprise agility, which translates into a need for real-time, on-demand, and dynamic responses to both historic and new global challenges. And, as agility becomes the gateway to success in these fast-changing times, two key enablers have emerged: work optimization and an agile workforce.

The Future of Work has become a movement. It reflects the dynamic transformation of the contemporary business, sparking a true focus on work optimization from workforce composition, technological innovation, and operational strategy perspectives. An “agile workforce” represents how businesses leverage their engagement of non-employee talent, integrate and align those workers with projects and initiatives that require top-tier skillsets, and ultimately build superior results. Both the Future of Work and the agile workforce hinge on the continued evolution of contingent workforce management.

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