Article | January 12, 2016

3 Ways To Create A Clinical Content Strategy – Without Breaking The Bank

Source: OnBase by Hyland
Clinical Content Strategy

By Kate Barney via the OnBase Blog

Access to clinical content is essential to delivering the best patient care. Therefore, a proven clinical content strategy is top of mind for CIOS. But as healthcare IT leaders suffer from a seemingly never-ending supply of projects, this strategy can seem elusive.

Since IT completed the first wave of EMR, ERP, PACS and other projects, we’ve seen the second wave of projects often include the replacement and consolidation of the original systems put in place during the first wave.

Reducing your IT sprawl

Although this may feel frustrating, providers now have a much more comprehensive strategy for their technology portfolios, especially when it comes to the number of IT systems and strategic partners they leverage. In an effort to more easily secure, access and exchange clinical content, providers are consolidating the number of IT systems they have, particularly when it comes to imaging.

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