News | October 11, 2016

VirtDB Data Unfolder Lite, The First FREE Data Manager For SAP®

A self-service solution to connect SAP® ERP systems with new generation analytics platforms

Budapest, Hungary /PRNewswire/ - VirtDB Inc. a central-eastern European data management startup released the beta version of Data Unfolder Lite enabling SAP® (R/3) users to analyze their operational ERP data in business intelligence tools, like Tableau, QlikView or TIBCO Spotfire. Until now analysis required costly preparations, planning and heavy corporate IT resource consumption to extract, transform and load (ETL) relevant SAP® data first. VirtDB makes SAP® data analytics quick and affordable by changing the ETL process into a single-click user action.

Data Unfolder Lite uses the operating system's clipboard to obtain data from SAP®, it does not require any components to be installed on SAP® Application Server.

"We have done many business intelligence projects where the time spent on load-SAP-data-from-here-to-there efforts were 40-50% in total. Companies pay big bucks for this," Peter Csillag, VirtDB's CEOsaid. "I liked to be paid well for handcrafting ETL processes on SAP®data, but to be honest, it had no added value for customers most of the time. It just killed their productivity by hindering iterations on the data, laming the agility in analytics projects," he added.

Data Unfolder Lite's first version is targeted for personal use and fast prototyping of BI content. VirtDB has an enterprise grade SAP® data management product as well, called Data Unfolder, providing additional features and scalability. Both versions enable end-users to build data transfers from SAP® to their own choice of business intelligence and big data systems without IT help.

"We have released a free version of our SAP® data management tool to evangelize the market. FREE, AGILE and SAP words are not common in the same sentence – this is what we want to change,"explained Tamas Holics, CTO of VirtDB. "We will always have a free version to provide value to entry level clients as well."

For more information, visit or check out the Youtube channel.

About VirtDB
VirtDB Inc. is a software technology startup developing new generation data access solutions. VirtDB wants to connect legacy and new, personal and enterprise, on-premise and cloud data storages to make all data easy to utilize. VirtDB Inc. is a spin-off ofStarschema Ltd, a successful big data and business intelligence service provider company. VirtDB received a seed investment from CKTA, a Hungarian VC fund.


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