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Vehicle-Installed ELD vs. BYOD: Which Is Best For Your Business?

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The ELD Mandate is official and you will soon need an HOS solution. Before you do that, you first need to decide which method of obtaining E-logs is the best fit.

Once you start researching ELDs, you will find that there are really two types of solutions available, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or vehicle-installed ELD. In case you are not familiar with BYOD, it refers to companies or employees providing their own tablets or smartphones and downloading an app to monitor HOS. Whereas vehicle-installed ELD is an HOS-dedicated device that is tethered to a GPS device and is installed into the vehicle.

Because the use of ELD is being mandated by federal regulation, it’s safe to assume some buyers are looking for the easiest, least expensive option. Instead of settling for any system just to be compliant or because it costs the least, why not take this opportunity to select the right technology that can improve your fleet management practices the most?