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Unlock The Value Of Your Clinical Trial Data And Content With Big Data Discovery

Barriers To Big Data Innovation In Healthcare

From leisure activities, to our own health and wellness, to the industries in which we work — Big Data has transformed our world. Subscription-based content providers, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, are changing television programming by using detailed customer segmentation and viewing habits to rethink how new programming is funded, produced, and released to the market. Everyday items like Nest are transforming home heating and cooling by collecting and aggregating sensor data to automate thermostat changes.

In the clinical research industry, the creation and availability of many more data points is changing everything too. Historically, data came from a single source: a patient visiting a clinic, whose information would be entered into an electronic data capture (EDC) system. Today, clinical trials are accommodating an incredible variety of data and content sources: from traditional clinical data, to high resolution images, to genomic and wearable sensor data, investigator files, consent forms, and much more. This data explosion brings new and transformative opportunities, but it also comes with additional risks.