Article | January 12, 2016

Turn New Customers Into Advocates By Digitizing Back Office Operations

Source: OnBase by Hyland
Digitizing Back Office Operations

By Ken Burns via the OnBase Blog

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From business unit managers all the way to C-suite executives, people have come to view the ability to design and deliver compelling digital customer experiences as strategic for stimulating growth. It also is a way to respond to or even initiate market disruptions.

As a result, CIOs are under pressure to pivot their investment focus away from traditional, run-the-business IT initiatives toward “customer experience” capability platforms.

Web, social, mobile and analytics technologies provide B2C and B2B organizations with the ability to offer more channels through which they can invite digital interaction with customers. Companies are expending considerable resources to design and guide their customers’ journeys across these channels to ensure there is consistency at every touchpoint along the way.

But while customers frequently find interaction with an organization’s “on-stage” touchpoints to be quite compelling (i.e. web self-service, live chat, mobile apps and front-office staff who interact with customers), it remains all too commonplace for customers to suddenly realize that, upon encountering an organization’s “back-stage” supporting operations, they are no longer going down a digitized road.

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