Case Study

Top 3 Logistics Company Reaps Big Benefits From New Mobile Power Management System

Mobile Power Management

A well-known Top 3 logistics company was experiencing significant problems with their mobile devices in their thousands of warehouses and outlet locations nationwide. Their mobile devices were regularly failing mid-shift, which not only caused staff productivity losses, but worst of all, it hurt the overall customer experience. The company knew that it had a battery problem, but had no solution other than to regularly pay the exorbitant costs of a complete refresh of all mobile batteries. Since they couldn’t separate the good batteries from the bad there seemed to be no other choice at the time.

Then GTS offered the company its patent pending Test & Replace™ solution which offers a simple and fast way to identify and replace the bad batteries that clog up mobile operations. Using the compact GTS tester and mobile app, a battery can be easily identified as good or bad in under five seconds. Instead of doing it themselves, the company asked GTS to perform the testing and also pre-stage new batteries at each location so that once a bad battery was identified, it could be immediately replaced with a good one.

After implementing Test & Replace ™ at all locations, this Top 3 logistics company immediately realized significant reductions in staff downtime from mid-shift device failures and also experienced savings in unnecessary device service costs. They also discovered that they could buy fewer batteries overall by removing and replacing only the bad batteries immediately after testing. The company is now able to practice “stock leveling” between facilities — they can send a surplus to alternative sites if they have more good batteries than they actually need, as a way to more effectively manage their inventory. Test & Replace™ also determines the fail rate of a mobile battery fleet so organizations are able to budget for and better manage their mobile battery inventory, which is often otherwise just an uncontrolled and mismanaged asset. Test & Replace ™ is now utilized regularly for all their mobile devices and each location is supplied with replacement batteries from GTS as needed.

This Top 3 logistics company now has an impressive mobile power management system in place and is reaping significant benefits from Test & Replace™. They are cutting labor, battery and service costs now and into the future. They no longer need to worry about mobile device failures, as they have a complete, holistic solution that highlights GTS’ innovative thought leadership in this industry. As we often tell our clients, “GTS thinks about mobile batteries and chargers 24x7 so you don’t have to.”

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